Episode 012: Hear. Me. Roar! with Jennifer Cassetta

As a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer, and third degree black belt, Jennifer Cassetta has worked with everyone from college students to celebrities to teach them the best ways to attack sexual violence prevention, feel strong and confident, and enjoy healthy living. She has appeared on The Today Show, Marie Osmand, and the E! Network.

In this episode, I chat with Jennifer about how she got her start in personal training, how she built her own successful practice, how she used her martial arts training to position herself as an industry expert, and as a clinical nutritionist - how she is helping people transform their bodies through healthy eating. As always, we also talk a little bit about entrepreneurship.

Episode 011: Build Your Dream Business with Amy Yamada

Amy Yamada is a Business Mentor who empowers coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses.  Amy teaches entrepreneurs how to clearly define and create their signature offerings and how to promote and sell their offerings through her "P.O.P." Marketing Formula.  With over fifteen years of experience in advertising sales, media, PR and marketing, Amy successfully launched her own coaching business and went from zero to six figures in less than two years-- and she loves empowering heart-centered, passionate entrepreneurs to do the same.  

Episode 010: Do What You Love, and Get Paid Doing It w/ Steve Silberberg

Steve Silberberg is the owner and head guide at Fitpacking, a weight loss backpacking program that guides customers on adventure vacations to help them get back into shape. Silberberg created Fitpacking about 10 years ago, leaving behind a comfortable salary as a software engineer in the investment world. Fitpacking hosts about 25 trips a year, traveling to locations like Patagonia, the Grand Canyon, and the Appalachian Trail.

In this episode, I talk with Steve about the importance of finding work that you love, and how to do it in a way so your kids can still go to college. 

Episode 009: Turning Grocery Shopping On Its Head with Mudit Rawat, CEO of Urbery

Mudit Rawat is the Founder & CEO of Urbery, a Toronto-based same-day grocery and alcohol delivery startup. Urbery’s crowdsourced fleet of personal shoppers, known as "Grocery Gurus,"  focus on convenience, speed, and freshness.

In this episode, I chat with Mudit about his journey in entrepreneurship, leading a lean startup, and how he made the leap from a comfortable, well-paying job to skippering a company whose future is uncertain. 

Episode 008: Reinventing Yourself & Revitalizing Your Career After 40 w/ Juliet Murphy

Juliet Murphy is the president of Juliet Murphy Career Development, a  career coaching company based in Orange County, CA. She and her team help executives, mid-level professionals, millennials and high school students find fulfilment and purpose in their careers.

In this episode, Juliet shares tells us how people over 40 can reinvent themselves and revitalize their careers. She offers tips on how to stay relevant, capitalize on experiences, and fit in with Millennials. Juliet knocks it out of the park on this one.


Episode 007: A Matter of Fit with Emily Brand

Emily Brand is a health coach and the founder of Matter of Fit. Her passion is helping empower women to get real about their health and fitness, and cultivate a lifestyle of strength, nourishment, and simplicity.

In this episode, Emily discusses her journey of becoming a small business owner and how she has benefited from a support system of business coaches and fellow entrepreneurs.

Episode 006: How to Discover Your Calling in Life w/ Graham Young

To say Graham Young has a lot going on is an understatement. He a leadership & life strategist, also the COO of an investment holding company, helps run a Vancouver children's charity, and has been a featured writer in Time Magazine, Fast Company, and Live in the Grey with an upcoming piece in Entrepreneur Magazine. Prior to this he was involved in the technology sector, working with start-ups and as a consultant at Microsoft.

In this episode, Graham shares his ideas about passion; what it is, how to discover it, and how to turn it into a career.

Episode 005: Blazing a Trail in the Food Truck Industry w/ Evan Harrell

Evan Harrell is the owner of Panavoir, a fleet of 4 food trucks serving globally inspired street food. Panavoir pioneered the food truck revolution in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Evan also owns and operates a brick and mortar restaurant called Camo's American Grill

In this episode, Evan shares his journey about how he started out knowing almost nothing about the food truck and restaurant industries, how he dealt with initial setbacks, and how he persevered them into profitable businesses.

Episode 004: How a Navy Fighter Pilot Became a High Tech CEO w/ Bryan Sory

Bryan Sory is the CEO of Qwyvr, a Virginia-based mobile payments company.  A self-described "brazen little startup," Qwyvr is focused on moving money faster, cheaper, and infinitely more securely than the current state of the art.

A former Navy F-18 fighter pilot, Bryan shares his thoughts on creating a high tech startup, what he's learned about business, and what he would do differently if he could go back and do it all over again.  

Episode 002: Quit Your Job and Start Your Business w/ Vanessa McGrady

In this episode, Forbes.com columnist Vanessa McGrady shares her insights on what she did when her freelance workload started to outweigh her day job, and what she would advise to anyone making the transition from office worker to entrepreneur—now, a year from now, or sometime down the road.

Episode 001: The Power of Gratitude w/ Russ Terry

Russ Terry is on a mission to make the world more grateful. By sharing simple, yet poignant messages that arrive by way of many different messengers, Russ Terry reminds us all to take stock of what's important and live life in more meaningful ways.