I recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Larry Heron of Dale Carnegie Training. He began the event with a terrific analogy, of which I took the liberty of paraphrasing below:

Picture an old, two-story farmhouse out in the country. Spanning the perimeter of the house is a large wooden porch. On the porch sit 3 hound dogs. One of the dogs decides to get up and leave.

How many dogs are left?  

Take a few moments to think about it, and then scroll down for the answer.








There are 3 dogs left on the porch. That dog that decided to get up and leave – he’s still in the same spot, never having moved an inch. All he did was decide to get up and leave.

Deciding and acting are two very different things. A lot of people decide to take action in life, but a much smaller number of us actually follow through.  What stops us?

Fear. Uncertainty. A lack of confidence. Laziness. Money. You name it - the list goes on.

It’s one thing to decide to do something. Actually getting up off our butts and following through is a whole different animal.