I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For 5 years at that.  So I was happy to see the Giants capture their third World Series title last night under manager Bruce Bochy. 

When I was assigned to the FBI’s San Francisco Field Office, I actually had the privilege of “working” two World Series Games in 2010 and one in 2012.  It was cool to be down on the field among the players and coaches and to smell the grass and the dirt up close. 

But more than that, I noticed what an imposing fellow Bruce Bochy was, and how he seemed to evoke a quiet confidence within his team.  If you witnessed his post-game interview last evening with Erin Andrews, you would have immediately noticed how he gave all of the credit to his players.  Furthermore, his unwavering faith in Madison Bumgarner showed his ability to eliminate the noise of the critics, putting the left-hander in the game on only a couple of days rest, and allowing him to pitch five innings and go on to win the game. 

I have no doubt that those players were playing for the title, the glory, and the money…..but I can’t help but think that winning it for “Boch” was part of it, too.