A 2014 Gallup survey revealed that less than a third of Americans are actually happy with their jobs - some people refer to this as "being engaged." The survey also revealed that 51% of the American work force is "not engaged" and 17.5% is "actively disengaged."

Here's the kicker: The #1 reason people are unhappy at work is because of a bad relationship with their boss - and the #1 grievance they cite is that they don't feel valued or appreciated.

In Leading is a Choice, I will show you how to become the kind of leader that everyone wishes they had in their life. I will teach you how to generate trust among people, make them feel valued, and create more meaningful relationships with everyone around you. By telling stories from my time in the Navy, the FBI, and from my own personal life, I give college students leadership strategies they can immediately put into practice.

My message is inspiring, interactive, and pragmatic – it is especially appropriate for emerging leaders events, sponsored by campus IFC's and Offices of Student Engagement/Leadership.

I am one of only a handful of speakers to GUARANTEE a standing ovation!

I am currently represented by CAMPUSPEAK, Inc. Click here to learn how you can book me to speak on your campus.

As a result of attending my program, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the the power of praise and tap into the concept of positive reinforcement.
  • How to establish trust and develop skills to understand people to their core. I call this going beyond people’s “what,” and tapping into their “who.”
  • How to make yourself vulnerable by giving up some of your “who.” When you “take off your mask,” people are more likely to trust you, become more emotionally safe, and go above and beyond what most people usually do.